Important Google SEO Ranking Factors

4 Important Google SEO Ranking Factors

What are the most important Google SEO ranking factors? The truth is there are many important ones, but we will focus on the top four. Read on to find out what those four ranking factors are.

1. Content- Perhaps the most important SEO ranking factor of all is content, which has always been the case, but this has become more important than ever before. Your content needs to be relevant to your audience, contain proper keywords and be of high quality, as well as unique and fresh. You want to publish content that isn’t thin, and you want to explore your topics in greater details before you create content or add to it. Most importantly, make sure you write content for humans and not solely for search engines because Google will notice this.

2. Quality Backlinks- Backlinks have always been an important factor when it comes to SEO, but over the last few years Google has learned on how to deal with bad and low-quality links. What you want to do is create quality content that your audience cares about and then promote it via social media. Eventually, authorities in your niche will find your content, and they may link to it, which will help you gain more viewers and improve your SEO rank over time. When you build high-quality backlinks, then you will be building more authority and Google will take notice.

Here’s a tip, make sure you monitor your backlinks. If you notice you have low quality or spammy links, then eliminate them, if possible. The higher the quality of links you have, the better off you’ll be.

3. Mobile-Friendly- Your website has to be mobile-friendly because if it isn’t, then your website’s rank can be affected in a bad way. More and more people are using Google via their mobile devices, and they want to find websites that look pleasant and easy to navigate on their devices. If your site is mobile-friendly, then it can have a positive impact on your ranking. ┬áMake sure you have a website host that supports easy mobile-friendly websites.

4. Keywords- As previously mentioned, you want to use proper keywords in your content, but you want to choose keywords that are very relevant to your topic, and you want to place them in your H1 and H2 headers, as well as in the main title. As for keyword density, keep it between 1% to 3% because you don’t want to come off as if you’re stuffing keywords. Focus on one or two keywords and then include them within your content, but it’s a good idea to choose keywords that are medium or low in competitions because you will not have a good chance of ranking for highly competitive keywords. At leas, that’s the case until you become an authority in your niche.

Now you know what the top important Google SEO ranking factors are. Remember, SEO takes the time to work, but you have to be patient and consistent if you want to see results. Take what you just learned and implemented it and before you know it, you will get results.