How to Pick the Right Dress for You

How To Choose The Right Dress For Your Body Type

Dresses look flattering and wearing one is a great way to show off your body. The key is choosing a dress that works right with your body shape. When you choose the dress that fits your body shape, you can’t help but look good, but a dress that is wrong for your body is going to look unflattering. Read on to learn how to choose the right dress for your body type.

Best Dresses For An Apple Shape

When you are an apple shape, you carry your weight around your stomach. The goal with a dress for an apple shape is going to be to hide your stomach, so it isn’t so noticeable. The dress should accentuate your top half and your bottom. V-neck dresses draw the eye up, and embellishments at the bottom of the dress draw the eye down.

Make sure that the dress doesn’t have a belt, and you don’t want it to be tight around your waist because this will draw the eye to your belly. Empire dresses and swing dress are good choices and very flattering.

Best Dresses For Hourglass Bodies

Hourglass bodies have curves, and you can show off your curves to their full advantage with the right dress. Dresses with belted waists look great if you have an hourglass figure because they show off a tiny waist. You will want to balance your top and bottom half and then show off your waist.

Make sure that your chest has enough support, so it doesn’t look droopy. Try to follow the outline of your body when you wear your dress. Your dress should be snug and not too tight in the chest.

Best Dresses For The Straight, Athletic Body

If you have an athletic body, your goal with your dress is to create the illusion of curves. You want to seem as curvy as possible. Dresses that have ruching and draping around the waist will make you seem curvier.

You can also wear dresses that are tight around the waist to replicate curves. Try wearing a belted dress and dresses with ruffles can create curves. You can also wear dresses that are embellished around the bust which give an illusion of a bigger bust. Short dresses will show off your legs and make you look more shapely.

Best Dresses For Pear Shapes

When you have a pear shape, your hips are bigger than your bust. You also have a defined waist. The goal with this type of shape makes your upper body seem bigger and your make your lower half look slimmer. Short dresses that are sleeveless will show off your shoulders and legs while minimizing your hips.

If you want to look your best in a dress — especially if it is a dress for a self portrait, it is important to wear the right style of dress for your body type. Looking your best is easy when you follow this rule. The right dress will show off your best features and hide the features that are not as flattering.